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Education….every child’s birthright!


As a Charity we rely heavily on the fantastic support offered to us through volunteering and recognise that without this valuable and unique contribution we could not achieve so much. In 2015-2016 we received support from 21 volunteers – thank you all of you. What that means is that in this year we benefited from over 1200 hours of additional support from volunteers. In cash terms this would have cost us over £18K.

Volunteers assist with the running of the sessions and some assist with fundraising events. Whether you can spare a few days every month or an afternoon once a year, we would love to hear from you!

Interested in volunteering? For further information please contact Alison Wishart (Business Manager) on 07581 114081 or via email: alison.wishart@eccds.org.uk. Please note all our staff and volunteers are required to undertake an enhanced DBS check prior to commencement of their role.


As a charity, fundraising is vital in order to secure the educational services that we offer. We currently receive no statutory funding to offer what we offer, and what we do is part-funded by fees from families and service-level agreements with schools. We are reliant on a number of different sources of funding including applying for grants, fundraising donations by parents, friends, family, work colleagues, staff, volunteers and the general public.

How can I help?

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed and supported us with past fundraising events, we wouldn't be here without your help and support.

If you are interested in fundraising on behalf of ECCDS or would like to talk further to our fundraising team please contact:

Janet Beauman (CEO) on 07753223749 email: janet.beauman@eccds.org.uk Or Alison Wishart (Business Manager) on 07581114018, email: alison.wishart@eccds.org.uk

Don’t forget “Every little helps ... and the pennies soon turn into pounds!”

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From corporate identity and marketing to networking opportunities, there are many benefits to businesses in making links with charities. Why not get your business involved? Some businesses nominate ECCDS as their charity for the year, for example Fleet Recruitment and Absolute Care Training.

We have used our corporate connections to build and enhance our Board of Trustees. Trustees bring their skills, knowledge and experience (including finance, strategy, human resources, safeguarding, health and safety) and they bring it free! Critical friends, ambassadors and supporters – charities get so much added value from Trustees. We have also used links to recruit volunteers.

Expanding the charity’s network can reap rewards in terms of promoting businesses while giving potential cost reductions on services, be it IT services, marketing, office supplies or even spaces (office or activity space). While businesses benefit from marketing their services to our beneficiaries (we work with 80+ families, then their extended families and friends make an even larger network), we benefit from cheaper services. The opportunity is there for sponsorship via our website, which has benefits on both sides.

What are the Top 5 benefits to charities of corporate connections?

  1. Finance – direct financial support as a nominated charity and links to sources of funding we may have not explored
  2. People – volunteers and trustees and all they bring
  3. Networks – knowing people and services that can offer deals to us on services, supplies, spaces and more
  4. Shaping direction – making the work of the charity more business-focussed and strategic
  5. Experiences – links to businesses have offered our children and young people the opportunity to visit workplaces and meet people that do a range of different types of jobs.

If you are a business and would like to find out more about how you can help, please contact Alison Wishart (Business Manager) on 07581114081 or via email: alison.wishart@eccds.org.uk.


A trustee is a member of the board of ECCDS. Being a Trustee gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills in a voluntary way for the benefit of the charity.

Trustees bring their skills, knowledge and experience (including finance, strategy, human resources, safeguarding, health and safety). As a Trustee you will be a critical friend, ambassador and supporter.

We are always interested in hearing from people who have skills and interest to bring. To find out more, please contact Alison Wishart (Business Manager) on 07581114081 or via email: alison.wishart@eccds.org.uk.

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