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Education….every child’s birthright!

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Newton Aycliffe Office Tel No: 01325 329939

Hexham Office (Community Centre): 01434 602707

Janet Beauman (CEO) Email: Janet.beauman@eccds.org.uk   Mobile: 07753223749

Maggie Hart (Head of Education & Training, Newton Aycliffe) Email: Maggie.hart@eccds.org.uk   Mobile: 07806707465

Helen Taylor (Education Co-Ordinator, Northumberland) Email: helen.taylor@eccds.org.uk   Mobile: 07851181670

Alison Wishart (Business Manager) Email: Alison.wishart@eccds.org.uk   Mobile: 07581114018

Lindsay McCulloch (Group Leader/Admin Support, Northumberland) Email: Lindsay.mcculloch@eccds.org.uk   Mobile: 07753209039

Ralph Ingram (Finance Officer) - Ralph.ingram@eccds.org.uk   Mobile: 07870300531